Photo credit: WAYHOME Studios, Shutterstock

Photo credit: WAYHOME Studios, Shutterstock


Grief is not a feeling.

And to say so is to minimize an experience that is so powerful, so all-consuming, so forever altering, that we miss out on all the myriad of ways it brings us to our knees and brings us face to face with our most human selves. At being here, human we  believe that grief is our birthright, which is not to say it is a good time, or that we must like it, or that it in any way needs to be accepted or resolved or recovered from. It is to say that so much of life is messy and hard and brutally raw, and still we wake each morning, and breathe, and live with these broken and wounded hearts. So, if you find yourself wandering in the wilderness without compass or map, you are welcome here. If you are relieved and guilt-ridden for the unexpected glory of release and freedom from obligation, you are welcome here. If you are numb and staring blankly ahead, immobilized at how you are to live without that which you cannot live without, you are welcome here.

Our next workshop date is october 21 - november 1, 2019

What: A two-week writing group for those who are living with loss (both death-related and non-death related, tangible and intangible).

How: Each morning (Monday-Friday) you will receive an e-mail with a daily writing prompt. You are welcome to keep your writing to yourself, or you may join us in our private Facebook group to share your writing with others in community.

When: The course will begin on Monday, October 21st and will complete on Friday, November 1st.

Who: You. And me. And all of us who are wandering and breathing, yearning and reinventing, raw and reborn, protesting and receiving. All of us, human, here and alive.

Cost: $75 CAD/person (Scholarships are available. Please contact us for more information if needed)

There has never been a place where I have been able to fully process my grief until I took being here, human’s writing workshop.

I am free. That is not a word I use lightly but it’s the only word that fits.

The structure and flow of the prompts, the personal stories, the community and facilitation was out of this world and like nothing I had experienced before. I am forever grateful.

It set me free because I know now how to live with my grief instead of getting over it. I know how to honour it. I know how to celebrate it. Because when I love something it stays loved, and I didn’t know what to do with that love after the endings and the loss.

I had the chance in these ten days to say everything I didn’t even realize I needed to say and those words, my deepest feelings, were witnessed and received and held with infinite tenderness and love.

I highly encourage anyone living with grief to take this workshop and get free. Again, not a word I use lightly but the only one that fits.
— R. Magnusson